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About Joss

Art found me, rather than the other way round.

After a serious back operation in 2003 I was told I may never walk again. During a lengthy recovery my son brought me an easel and some old acrylics and told me to play with the paint. ‘What a joke,’ I thought, ‘ I can’t even draw a straight line.’

‘Just slap the paint on’ he said… so I did. I just loved the bright colours and the ways I could use them to express how I was feeling. My mood lifted and my recovery improved.

Fast forward a few years and after a three month beginners art course the bug really bit me. This led me to join an ATC online group (Artist Trading Cards). These cards are only 2x3 inches and you can do anything you like with them, artistically speaking. Every day I was at it, drawing, painting and playing, and I swapped more than 2000 cards over the next few years.

During this time I realised that I loved doing African-style art; the strength, the emotion, the colour just fills my heart with joy. I guess this should have come as no surprise to me because I was born and lived in South Africa for 38 years before coming to the UK. Even now the sights and smells of Africa are always with me.

I then started making larger pieces, opened an Etsy shop, joined Facebook and started selling. What a thrill to sell my first piece and to this day I still feel excited every time one of my pieces finds its way to a new home.

After 44 years of teaching I am now happily retired and have been painting full time for seven years.

Those seven years have taught me many things:

  • ‘full time’ can mean ‘morning, noon and night’
  • uncertainty and self-doubt are part of life
  • determination can move mountains
  • you are fortunate if you have more ‘up’ times than ‘down’ times

I use a wide range of media including oil pastels, acrylics and inks and a variety of techniques, all going together to make ‘impactful’ vibrant images. I take a lot of inspiration from Picasso, Modigliani, Kandinsky and the Impressionist painters.

I exhibit annually at two main events in London: the Flux Exhibition and the prestigious Mall Galleries Pastel Show where I was awarded the Pastel Society Catalogue First Prize in 2018.

My art is permanently displayed in a gallery in Greenwich, London and at an African Gallery in Saugatuck Michigan USA. The limited edition Giclée prints of my work are also popular and my Greeting Cards are stocked in shops both here in the UK and also in the USA.

I am passionate about creating work that captures the viewer’s attention and I feel humbled to have many supportive regular collectors who love my work.

“Art is such fun and brings me such joy.
If this ever stops, then so will I”


PS. Here’s an interview she did with WHCP Radio for her Cambridge, Maryland exhibition

And here’s an interview she did with Palette Pages for her London solo show

Joss receiving the Pastel Society Catalogue Award First Prize 2018

Recent Exhibitions


Flux Exhibition 2019
– London
(April 2019)

Pastel Show 2019 | Mall Galleries– London
(February 2019)


Jonaquest Art Gallery
– Greenwich, London
(August 2018)

Amazwi Art Gallery
– Saugatuck Michigan USA
(June-August 2018)

Main Street Gallery
– Cambridge Maryland USA
(July-August 2018)

Flux Exhibition 2018
– London
(April 2018)

Pastel Show 2018 | Mall Galleries– London
(February 2018)


La Galleria
– Pall Mall, London
(December 2017)

Jonaquest Art Gallery
– Greenwich, London

Nude Tin Can Gallery
St Albans, London
(September 2017)

Discover Emerging Artists Gallery
Laguna Beach, California
(July 2017)

Flux Exhibition 2017
– Chelsea College of Art, London
(July 2017)

Pastel Show 2017 | Mall Galleries
– London
(February 2017)