About Joss

Joss is an award winning artist who turned to art at the age of 58.

She is a regular exhibitor in London and she was awarded the Mall Galleries Pastel Society Catalogue Award 2018.

Her art is displayed in two UK galleries: Greenwich London and St Albans. She has also taken her vibrant, bold and exciting art to Europe: Spain and Portugal. She is exhibiting in the USA this summer: California, Washington, Michigan and Maryland.

She uses a wide range of media and many different textures and techniques to create vibrant, ‘impactful’ images.

Her art is heavily influenced by her life in South Africa where she was born and lived for 38 years.
She enjoys sharing her love of life and colour with the world.


“Art is such fun and brings me such joy.
If this ever stops, then so will I”

PS. Here’s an interview I did with WHCP Radio for my Cambridge exhibition

What a wonderful Summer – surprisingly brilliant weather here in the UK.

I’m feeling full of energy and really creative as the nights start to draw in.

My two exhibitions in the USA have been well received and I’m delighted that they have both been extended for another month; Amazwi gallery in Saugatuck Michigan and Main Street Gallery in Cambridge Maryland.

Looking forward to what the autumn/fall will bring!


Hidden Realities – Jonaquest Art
– Greenwich, London
(August 2018)

Amazwi Art Gallery
– Saugatuck Michigan USA
(June-August 2018)

Main Street Gallery
– Cambridge Maryland USA
(July-August 2018)

Flux Exhibition 2018
– London
(April 2018)

Pastel Show 2018
– Mall Galleries, London
(February 2018)

La Galleria
– Pall Mall, London
(December 2017)

JonaQuest Gallery
– Greenwich, London
(from 2017)

Nude Tin Can Gallery
St Albans, London
(from September 2017)

Country Gallery
Murcia, Spain

Discover Emerging Artists Gallery
Laguna Beach, California
(from July 2017)

Flux Exhibition 2017
– Chelsea College of Art, London
(July 2017)

Pastel Show 2017
Mall Galleries,
(February 2017)

Flux Exhibition 2016
Old Truman Brewery, London
(November 2016)

African Exhibition
– Spitalfields, London
(May 2015)

Flux Exhibition 2015
– London
(February 2015)

Pastel Show 2015
– Mall Galleries, London
(February 2015)

Pastel Show 2014
– Mall Galleries, London
(June 2014)

Exhibition: Menier Gallery
– London
(January 2014)

Solo Show: Funky Afrika
– Camden, London

‘Celebrating African Grandmothers’ Exhibition
– Canada
(May 2013 to April 2014)

Penny Fielding Summer Exhibition
– Walthamstow, London
(August 2013)

Pastel Show 2013
– Mall Galleries, London
(June 2013)

Spitalfields Art Exhibition
– London
(April 2013)

New Artist Fair
– Islington, London
(March 2013)

Art Exhibition
– Walthamstow, London
(September 2012)

Love everything about this painting. Most of all, Joss’ paintings are just all about love and happy thoughts… very positive… she is a wonderful artist.

Cindi, USA


I am SOOOOO EXCITED… my painting is here and I love it so so much!! Words are just tangled up to describe how it makes me feel having it in real life! It is amazing. Thanks so much for letting me own a piece of pure JOY!

Cee, Indiana USA


Oh, Joss, they are truly wonderful! I love, love, love, them! The colors are so vibrant, the composition is superb and the subject matter is fantastic! You are a wonderful artist, my dear.

Linda, Australia


LOVE the texture and the way it just plays across the top of your canvas/paper. AND the hair! LOVE the hair.

Ruth, London UK


JOSS… there aren’t any words, only a bunch of feelings that can explain your extraordinary artwork… YOU ROCK! Thank you!

Angela, New York USA


I love the watercolor feel to the background and their dresses. Again I love how you use the color black, though minimal it is very effective. And the figures are very pleasing, they induce a sense of happiness

Susan, California USA


Absolutely gorgeous! the movement in this painting is incredible and the colors, vibrant and beautiful. Joss Rossiter is a true artist and her talent knows no bounds!

Liz, Florida USA