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Faces & Figures Art

I just love ‘people watching’. Expressions, gestures, body language and intangible messages all go to make us what we are and I try to recreate this in my art. We are not only what you see; we have a deepness in our soul.

Wildlife Art

I’m so lucky to have been to Africa on safari and seen lots of wildlife, and I love to express my feelings in my art. Every piece I paint reminds me of a special moment complete with all its sounds and scents.

African Art

My life began in Africa and its sounds, colours and scents are part of my very soul. I challenge myself to create meaningful and evocative images to communicate my feelings.

Floral Art

Loving colour as I do, it comes naturally for me to capture the ‘blooming’ beauty around me. When times are grey it gives me a real lift to my spirit – a wonderful tonic!


I am represented by galleries in Greenwich London UK and in Michigan USA. Look at the art of mine they have on display.


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.